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Porcelain Slabs - KOZO
Porcelain Slabs - KOZO

Porcelain Slabs

KOZO Large format Porcelain slabs are revolutionary architectural surfaces with premium technical features that are produced using Italian Technology, SACMI. The Italian production line SACMI, represents the most advanced technology for manufacturing large format porcelain slabs, ensuring the highest quality, innovation, and perfection. This ultra-modern technology of SACMI, completes the process of natural stone formation in a factory environment, utilizing extremely high pressure (400 tons per slab) and high temperature (1200 degrees Celsius) to achieve the desired strength, hardness, and durability.

The innovative marble designs of KOZO are inspired by world-famous classic Italian marbles (Ispirato Ai Marmi d’Italia) such as Statuario, Calacatta, Arbescato and many more. With high-definition print quality and intricate marble vein designs, KOZO Porcelain offers a breathtaking collection. Pushing boundaries and unlocking endless possibilities, whether for a commercial project or a residential masterpiece, KOZO Porcelain slabs embody sophistication, durability, and timeless elegance.

Technology :

Most Advanced Technology - Due to extreme high pressure and temperature conditions in SACMI production line, KOZO porcelain slabs have superior technical characteristic, such a higher strength and greater hardness, which assures longevity and lesser wear & tear with time.

 • High-Resolution Print Quality - The SACMI Production line deploys latest high-definition printers for the decorating the top layer of the slabs, enabling sharp and clear marble           vein designs, closer to the real marble’s appearance.
 • Ultra-Thin and Lightweight - Ultra-thin slabs of KOZO, which comes in 6mm & 12mm thickness, have great strength, yet light weight, which allows:
          • Easy transportation.
          • Easy to handle for laying and fixing at site.
          • Can be used on the top of existing flooring without demolition.
 • Large Size - The large size of 160x320mm, with an expansive area of 5.12 sq.m per slab, gives complete freedom to position the joints as per space & design requirements.          Moreover, considerably reducing the number of joints and repetitive patterns for a greater esthetics.

Finishes :

Every individual, coming from different walks of life has different needs and preferences. KOZO integrates the lifestyle and preferences of every individual by providing multiple choices in its finishes. That’s why KOZO Porcelain slabs are designed in three different finishes, Matte, Polished, and Soft-Polished. Matte surfaces offer a subtle and understated appearance, accompanied by an anti-slip quality. On the other hand, Polished finishes are perfect for those seeking a bold and striking look, making a statement with their radiant and confident presence. When we talk about the Soft- Polished finishes, they are ideal balance somewhere in the middle of Matte & Polished, neither too subtle nor so bold, a perfect harmony for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, while still maintains a refined and stylish look