It took Mother Nature millions of years to create natural stones. We at GLAZE believe in honouring the majestic beauty of these wholesome gifts, and are steadfastly devoted in bringing them from different parts of the world to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. Uncompromising on quality, GLAZE will continue to deliver this greatest gift of Mother Nature.


GLAZE has remained a renowned brand in the natural stone industry for over two decades for the simple reason that the people behind GLAZE have worked tirelessly, and relentlessly, to shape GLAZE into a symbol of quality, and customer satisfaction. Through maintaining relationships with the best quarries around the globe, GLAZE has acquired the ability to source premium materials.

GLAZE found its niche in the competitive Middle East market by proving, time and again, to our faithful clients that our product continues to be superior. We believe in both the right sourcing and the right pricing. At GLAZE, we consider natural stones to be precious, their beauty to be marvelled at for generations to come, therefore our core principles disallow us from ever compromising the quality of our product.


Established over two decades ago, GLAZE is a renowned brand in the natural stone industry, a class apart in this part of the world, specializing in premium imported Natural Stones, hand-picked from best quarries around the globe. From countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Macedonia, India, Vietnam, Egypt, China and many more, GLAZE holds our suppliers to the very highest and most rigorous standards to ensure the very best quality of material.

Natural Stones have the capacity to upturn ordinary spaces, and elevate them into extraordinary Interior and Exterior experiences. GLAZE, with its vast treasury of natural stones, in exotic and rare colors and styles, is the cornerstone to fulfilling your wildest dreams, and curating the most beautiful version of your spaces.

Over the period of time, GLAZE has added all possible natural stones, from every color on the spectrum, and from every corner of the world, to its extensive collection. Today, GLAZE stocks over 300 unique styles of marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and slate, so as to provide an expansive range of natural stones. Over 1 million sq.m of Natural Stones under one roof, guarantee that we are able to tailor to the needs of our valued clientele.


Since its inception, GLAZE has exhibited its extensive experience, vast industry knowledge, hard work, dedication to service, and sincere efforts, to be not only acknowledged, but distinguished, as the strongest brand of Natural Stones in this part of the world today.


Since its foundation, it has been policy at GLAZE to stock only the highest quality materials with specification to particularly befit the market, climate, and clients here in the Middle East, using exact 20mm or 30mm thickness of slabs, homogeneity in thickness, controlled variation in colour, perfect processing quality etc. Our rigorous standards of quality control, that meet the approval of architects & consultants, allow our customers to complete their projects successfully, beautifully, and in a timely manner.

GLAZE appreciates the value of excellent service, competitive pricing, and high quality. Our open and honest relationships with not only our clients, but also all the major global giants in the Stone industry, allow us to overcome all obstacles and ensure that our policies and values are kept sacred.